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We believe in the power of online platforms to create opportunities for both career advancement and self-development of our subscribers.

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Atul Vaid

Atul has 20+ years of experience in management consulting, corporate work and as a entrepreneur. His career has been built around a theme of finding 'new and different' ways of doing work, during which he assisted clients with developing strategy and operating improvements in different countries such as India, the USA, the UK, Japan, Oman and the UAE. Comfortable with several cultures, he is now based in Gurgaon from where he provides consulting services. You can see his profile at his website and on Linkedin.


Reach him at contact@skillsolver.com 

Our Story

SkillSolver is a recent startup in the online space, established in 2020, and located in Gurgaon, in India's National Capital Region.


It came about as the brainchild of Atul Vaid, who noticed that most employees at entry-level were entering the workforce without key yet basic skills - things like industry analysis, creating a useful CV, making and delivering presentations, etc - that they would usually develop only through years of experience. 


SkillSolver was therefore set up with the objective of creating exactly those courses that were needed for success at work, and offers these courses to customers at prices reasonable for India/Asia.


We are creating and offering course content, and are interested in associating with subject matter experts and institutions who can host and sell their content through our website.

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When we tested our courses on a free third-party platform, we had 3000+ users coming in from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the USA.