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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I access my courses?

The simple answer? Forever.

As long as you've paid the course fee, your access will last as long as the site exists.

2. How can I pay?

We accept payments through Paypal and Stripe.

Stripe is just starting up in India, so it might occasionally be offline (no fault of theirs or ours). So we recommend that you use Paypal.

We are also making arrangements with digital wallet service providers, such as Amazon, PayTM, PayU, etc. so stay tuned.

3. Can I get a discount?

We're just starting up, so we will be offering discounts later.

At the moment, our platform is being held to its simplest form to ensure maximum uptime. Once we are satisfied everything works, we'll upgrade the technology and launch a full-service website with all the features you have come to expect.

4. How do I offer my own courses on your website?

At the moment, since we're just starting, the SkillSolver platform is in its simplest version, and we are curating all courses.

If you'd like to become an instructor, we'll sign you up, transfer your material via FTP transfer, and build the course for you.