How To Create Compelling Presentations

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Welcome to our course on How to Create Compelling Presentations.

This Course is designed for everyone seeking practical advice on how to quickly create presentations that present points of view in such a logical and effective way that the audience is convinced of the soundness of the recommendations made. Most presentations simply provide the facts. This course teaches you how to use the facts as a base from which to create recommendations that you include in your presentation.

By the end of this Course, you will know the steps to create a compelling presentation, and will understand how to best design a professional-looking deck.

There are no requirements necessary to enroll. In order to learn, you need to simply enroll and pay the course fee. Then follow the course videos, access any additional websites provided in the course, utilize the templates and checklists provided.

Once you enroll, you get lifetime access to the course, and can access it anytime from the ‘My Account’ page.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Understanding what appeals to your audience by analyzing their attributes
  • Working through a problem statement to define powerful solutions and benefits as the presentation’s core message
  • Creating implementation plans that would deliver the proposed benefits
  • Understanding the key formatting elements that make a professional impression

Who this course is for:

Anybody who has to create a professional presentation
University students or graduates
Practitioners dealing with clients

Your instructor:

The instructor for this course is Atul Vaid who brings deep experience in business planning and strategic consulting, with 20 years of experience with global consulting firms. Email him for any questions.

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