Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access my courses?

The simple answer? Forever. As long as you’ve paid the course fee, your access will last as long as the site exists.

How to enroll in a course:

You need to have an account on SkillSolver, and if its a paid course, you should be able to use a payment method, such as a UPI account, or a digital wallet, a credit card, or a bank account with online banking enabled.

If you already have an account, just login, go to All Courses page, and select the course you want to enroll. Make your purchase using one of the provided secure payment methods. The course will get listed on your ‘My Account’ page. Once you see the course on the ‘My Account’ page, click it to be taken to the course page where you can start learning.

If you dont have an account, you can make one in 2 ways – at Checkout, or via the website menu. (Look at the FAQ on ‘How to create an Account’ for the simple and quick steps.)

After creating an account, look at the ‘My Account’ page. If you created your account during Checkout then your newly purchased course will be listed here on this page. If you created an account from the main menu, then you will need to go to the ‘All Courses’ page, select the Course you want and purchase it. It will then be listed on the ‘My Account’ page.

Once you see the Course on the ‘My Account’ page, click it to be taken to the course page where you can start learning from the lesson list.

How to create an account:

If you dont have an account you can create one in 2 ways.

The first way is to create the account during the purchase process, from the Checkout page itself. I personally like this way because its faster and simpler.

Select your course, click Buy, and go to Checkout.
Fill in the details like name, email, etc. and at the bottom of the page you can enter a Username and Password.
Complete making your payment. After successful payment a new page will open to show your receipt, and an email will be sent to the address you have registered, to confirm that you have created an account with SkillSolver. That email has a verification link which you MUST click to get access to your purchase.

After clicking on the verification link you’ll be auto-logged into My Account and can see your purchased Courses and start learning with them.

The second way is to create your account, from the Login link on the website’s main menu.

Click Login in the main menu on top of the page, and select ‘Register an Account’. Put in the Username you want, along with your Email address, then click Register.

WordPress will then send an email to that address (be patient, it might take a couple of minutes, and check your Spam folder too) with 2 links. Click on the top link (its the longer one) and a new page opens with WordPress’s suggested password. Since its usually very complicated you should overwrite it with your own password. Click Reset Password. Do NOT click anything else. You can close the page if you like.

Now you’ll get another email, this time from us at SkillSolver asking you to verify your email (sorry, but we have to confirm where to send your receipts and discounts.) Click on the ‘Click here to verify’ link.

You’ll now be autologged into SkillSolver, and will land on the ‘My Account’ page where you can edit your username and password, and access all your purchased Courses. The course you just purchased will show up here.

You’ll only need to create an account once, the first time that you purchase/enroll in a Course. After that you can login using your Username and Password.

How to get help:

Look at the bottom of the page. There’s a link there to ‘Customer Service’. Click on that and your own email app will open. Send us a message with your problem and we’ll revert in 24 hours.

How can I pay:

We accept payments through PayPal and Stripe.

For Indian customers, apart from PayPal and Strip, our checkout page will provide a link to local digital payment provider so that you can pay by Indian credit or debt cards, or by Net Banking, or via UPI transfer through your phone.

In what currencies can I pay? Can I pay in my own currency?

Of course – use PayPal or Stripe, and pay in one of hundreds of currencies that they support. Customers in India have an additional option of a local digital payments provider. You will find all these payment options on the Checkout page.

To help you, we’ve listed a number of major currencies so that you can see what the course costs.

How do I sell my own courses on SkillSolver?

At the moment, since we’re just starting, the SkillSolver platform is in its simplest version, and we are curating all courses.

If you’d like to become an instructor, we’ll sign you up, transfer your material via FTP transfer, and build the course for you.

Later, you’ll have access via a self-service course builder, and can create/launch your courses yourself.